Listening To Your Body


I spent some time last year dealing with some health stuff and during that process I realized that I hardly ever listened to my body. What I mean is, I always let my mind tell me, “keep going”, “don’t quit”, “just a little more”, “just keep going”, “one more hill”, “one more rep”, “two more hills”, “ten more reps”. During that time, I didn’t realize that my body actually had a voice, but I just didn’t listen to it. By allowing my mind to control everything, I pushed my body farther than it should’ve ever been pushed. Why did I do this? Why would anyone else do this if they knew there where adverse effects to letting your mind run your body and life? I’ll explain…



Joeys Elk Hunt packing out the meat 021.jpg

Using physical strength or endurance to achieve goals that your mind has set for you. “Last week, at the gym I benched 195 lbs. Next week, maybe I’ll see how 215 lbs feels”. Or, “last weekend, I went on a 12-mile hike and it was no problem. Next weekend, I’m planning to do a 17-mile hike in a new area I’ve never been”.  Why should raising the bar by accomplishing goals manifest into pushing your body to the limits? Most of us do it all the time and don’t even realize it until we’ve torn a ligament, broken a leg, or wound up in the hospital. Then the dreaded words are said, “you need to take it easy for a while”. Huh? Take it easy? Having the freedom to be spontaneous and get out into the wilderness is not something active people enjoying having ripped away from them. To be inactive for an extended period of time, can be viewed as a form torture!

Next time your doing something, take the time to listen to how your body responds. I’m sure you’ll be very surprised at the outcome. If you’re smart and listen to your body as much as you listen to your mind, you won’t have to worry about a trip to the hospital.